Henah Hannah is the Co-founder and Chair of Veteran Retreats Foundation.

Henah was named to the Charity of the Year Award by Brilliant Minded Women in 2017.  In 2018, Henah was chosen among one hundred women featured in Brilliant Minds of Canada Living Legacy for her outreach and ministry to the veteran community globally.

Henah is the Founder & Chair of Veterans Media Corporation, creator of The Veterans Channel and the Executive Producer of all of its show series, episodes, features and documentaries.  Henah is a 2020 & 2021 Gracie Award Nominee in the digital media category for best National Information/Entertainment website and for best Original Online Programming Standalone video Nationally by a female producer.  Selected by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation leadership, Henah served in the prestigious capacity as a judge for the 46th &  47th Annual Gracie Awards 2021.

Henah was invested a Dame of the Order of St George, Grand Priory of Canada & the Americas in 2019 and promoted to Dame Commander in 2020 in recognition of her extraordinary initiatives and sustaining relief provided to the men and women who have served in the Armed Forces and meritorious humanitarian activities.