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Veteran Retreats Foundation (VRF) presents Veterans Treatment Fellowship Retreat as part of Montgomery County Veterans Treatment Court curriculum. VRF designation by MCVTC is a collaborative therapeutic approach to complement the specialized treatment program and support the Active Minds Initiative (AMI) Self-Help events.

Veterans Treatment Fellowship Retreats are offered to select VTC participants nearing completion of Phase II in the curriculum and to graduates. Veterans and active military service members are invited to immerse themselves in a weekend of fellowship and restorative activities in an intimate group that fosters building a support community on their lifelong journey of recovery.

The goal of Veterans Treatment Fellowship Retreat is to facilitate self-healing as well as social bonding between those that are serving and that have previously served in the Armed Forces that share similar experiences and common stressors stemming from military service.

It’s all about relationships. The very nature of VRF Veterans Treatment Fellowship Retreats is centered around fellowship with each other. Men and women that have served, benefit from deeper emotional connections thru camaraderie. When military personnel are surrounded by other veterans in recovery, there is no divide.

With 1 million Veterans returned from Iraq & Afghanistan bearing the mental, moral & physical wounds of war, these healing retreats intend to provide veterans with opportunities for engaging in various therapeutic, recreational and community- building social activities and to experience a place and time specifically designated for them. Veterans initiate the healing process by sharing their stories in a safe, non-judgmental, veteran centric space.

These retreats relate to experiencing connection with the natural world and others who have gone through the same process. Veterans need other veterans to share with and relate to. Post-traumatic stress disorder, TBI, and moral injury are common causes of alcohol and drug abuse in veterans. And while anyone can develop PTSD, in veterans it is often caused by situations that civilians cannot relate to, including combat exposure. This creates a gap between veterans seeking help and both support staff and other people in recovery. Veterans in recovery know what you’re going through. Without this foundation of understanding, it can be particularly hard for veterans to open-up.

Through shared experiences, veterans support each other in dealing with mutual issues stemming from their military service. There are many areas of life that are affected by addiction. Working with other veterans in recovery can do a lot of good in facilitating recovery through common ground.

Addiction is always a personal experience, but having people around you who have similar stories can make all the difference. At our veteran-exclusive retreat, you can draw on a variety of veteran experiences to give yourself the best chance for long-term recovery.

Retreating together gives us a chance to engage in the relaxed setting, spend time without brothers and sisters in arms, learn from one another and to relate on a more personal level. Ideas are exchanged about managing PTSD and balancing work and home while healing. Participants leave feeling refreshed and affirmed.


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Contact Information:

Veterans Treatment Court
2 Millennium Plaza, Suite 202
Clarksville, TN 37040

Phone (931) 245-3180 ext. 11247
E-mail: [email protected]



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